Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Months is Too Long!

It's been almost exactly 2 months since I've posted something. I've been pretty busy - working full-time, grad school part-time, and all the other stuff in between. But, really, I've been avoiding putting fingers to keys. It could be that I'm just on an urbanist-overload. Whatever it was, I realized that I missed this. So what's new?

I went through a little mid-grad school crisis in which I thought long and hard about what I really want and considered taking a break from my program to do a 6 month certificate program in Dialogue and Civic Engagement. But I think I'm probably on the right track and I'm going to try and finish my MA in one go.

I'm pretty sure I've settled on a research topic for my MA project. I plan to evaluate the City of Surrey Transportation Lecture Program because I think it's an interesting platform to inform and engage citizens and city employees.

I went to San Francisco for Easter weekend and had a great time. It was my 2nd time staying at an AirBnB place and I highly recommend it. Our host was fantastic and turns out she was friends with the President of BART's Board of Directors and we got to nerd out about transit, cities, and star trek. This was my 2nd time going to San Francisco but this time I got to see much more of the city by foot. Every street is a delight if not just for the gorgeous old apartment buildings. I'll throw up some pictures in a subsequent post.

I've been in the newspaper again talkin' inter-generational struggles...kind of.

This summer, I'll be taking an urban design course with Michael Von Hausen so that should be exciting. Oh, and I've booked flights to Tokyo so I can fulfill my dreams of re-enacting Lost in Translation. I'm pretty exciting about posting every tidbit from that trip.

Hopefully more frequent posting (said every blogger ever).

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