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Videos: Transit Activity in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, NYC, and LA.

So I managed to get a flu or cold or something on Christmas Day so I'm home sick from work. Here's what's keeping me entertained: 

On being a pedestrian

In the last few weeks, Metro Vancouver was confronted with the sad reality that our streets are hostile environments to people where, within a short period of time, more than 5 people were struck by vehicles. A Vancouver Police Department spokesperson said, almost too bluntly as to imply it was business as usual, that multiple pedestrians are struck daily. This is unacceptable.

There should be no debate: our streets must be safe for all users. We can go back and forth over who's to blame for certain accidents but it's usually the pedestrian or cyclist that ends up hurt or worse, dead. Our way of thinking focuses blame on the minority road users for not following the rules or, more ridiculously, not wearing 'safety' gear when out for a walk at night. Blame the victim has to stop. No one deserved to be killed or maimed by a car. We live with a transportation system that favours automobile travel over all other modes. Human nature doesn't change with the mode that you…

Photo: Kits under water