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New York, I Love You: Part Two

Check out my newest NYC post on Urban Studies: High Life, High Line: A Beautiful Curse

Boomerang vs Boomers

Canada’s nests aren’t quite as empty as they’re supposed to be, data from the 2011 census shows. Some 42.3 per cent of young adults aged 20-29 are living with their parents, down slightly from 42.5 per cent in 2006 — but still well above the level of 26.9 per cent in 1981. Boomerang kids mean empty nests not quite so empty: Census
Almost 50% of my generation is still living at home. This isn't neccessarily a problem but it does highlight the need to re-think or at least re-examine our generation's situation.

Translink's 2013 Base Plan: A lesson in contrasts

There couldn't be a further disconnect between the picture above and this headline if you tried: TransLink to scrap much of expansion plans

The picture is from the announcement last week made by the BC Minister of Transportation, Mary Polak, on the reduced toll on the new Port Mann Bridge. The sad headline is from this week when Translink announced that its revenue will not be enough to continue with service expansion and will be reducing services in some cases. You can read about the sad affair on the Buzzer blog: Translink's 2013 draft base plan.

What they've stated as 'financial challenge' should really be translated as 'political failure'. The fact that our Minister is posing with car, on the world's widest bridge (at 65m wide...last holder of that title was only 49m wide), at a highway expansion project well into the billions of dollars, and yet we can't find the money to provide equitable bus service for our region shows where this government…