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In Memoriam: Isaak Kornelsen

This is Isaak. I sat beside him on my train ride from New York City to Montreal. Over that long journey, we talked about a lot of things. He told me about what he wanted to do in life and that he was looking forward to going to Sweden for a bit. I could tell that he was bright person and a good friend.

He was visiting New York and was on his way up to Montreal enjoy the Osheaga music festival which was a coincidence since I was doing the same thing. When we got to Montreal, we exchanged numbers so we could meet up at the festival, however, Osheaga was so big and hectic that while we did text each other, the meet-up never happened. I did get to wish him a safe journey home.

I just learned that on Monday Isaak was killed in an accident. He was biking along Whyte Avenue in Edmonton when he clipped a parked truck's mirror, lost control and fell under a moving cement truck.

I only knew him for a day. I can't imagine what his friends and family feel. This world has undoubtedly lost…

TransitLive: If you're a transit nerd, you'll love this!

You can now watch transit in Regina LIVE on the internet. It's actually oddly soothing. Take a look!

Urban Prototyping

By now you may have seen these design by Softwalks to transform sidewalk sheds/construction sites in more humane places. Take a look at this short video:
Softwalks: Innovation by Design from Bland Hoke on Vimeo.
Such a simple idea/design with a wonderful impact. It's little projects like these that cities should most definitely encourage.
Vancouver has finally gotten on the 'Parklet' program this year with Robson Street's 'Urban Pasture' (parallel park near Main Street was their first attempt).
I think this one area of urban intervention/DIY urbanism that Vancouver tends to be too cautious experimenting with. Viva Vancouver has done an outstanding job with Picnurbia last year and Pop-Rocks this year but rather than being the innovator, Vancouver tends to follow suit a few years later.
 San Francisco on the other hand seems to be a city with serious urban ambitions. The Atlantic Cities has a post on The Next Generation of DIY Urbanism Projects in which they …

New York, I love you: Part One

From July 25 to August 2, I was in New York City for the first time. I flew from Vancouver, with a quick stop in Toronto, to La Guardia and I got a spectacular fly-over of the city.

The city from above is a wonderful view. You get to see the patterns and shapes of urban living that we never really think about on the ground but are coerced into navigating everyday: the culmination of centuries of human activity. I don't want to write a big giant post so I'm going to break my experiences into more manageable chunks. First up: Brooklyn.

I was really lucky to stay in an apartment in Brooklyn (Park Slope). I rented a room from a wonderful designer for $50 a night and it was my first time using airbnb AND it came with a great perk: a bike!

 The neighbourhood, like most of them in New York that got to see, consisted of low-rise apartment blocks (walk-ups). All of which utilized the most they could from the lot space, meaning no front yard or unnecessary embellishments. But, what I di…