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A Little More Good: I've been profiled!

The good people (Jessica Robson!) over at A Little More Good have written up a profile on me (ahhhhh!). Here's the link.

Let's Fortify #Space98!

Last weekend, a few of us met to discuss the future of #space98 and possibly grant funding. We've come up with 2 grant proposals:
1. Bike Hub: Add some covered bike parking (seems to be a rarity in a rainy city like ours), a bike repair station / kitchen, and if possible, a green roof! We think this idea is practical and do-able since it close to 10th avenue. 2. Pocket Market: We'd like to see a farmer's market stall or a vendor (in collaboration with Granville Island?) take up shop in this spot. We'd also love to see a green roof in this plan, too.Grant proposals need to be in by May 25, so if you've got ideas, talents, or expertise that could help these projects along, I want to hear from you! Email me: brandon [at] - In particular, I want to hear from people familiar with green roofs, and fancy software that can render our visions.

While we were coming up with the big picture ideas for #space98 we also came up with some fun temporary i…