Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Portland from my Phone: Day 4

Street in Portland that is flush with the sidewalk AND has a streetcar on it. Take THAT Granville Street.
Portland's Saturday Market 

LOOK: A beer garden without a FENCE just a sign. BC, learn, please.  

Street that was closed and patio tables and lights put up. MORE OF THIS, PLZ. 

Bio Swales. More like, bio SWOONs.  
Bio swales are everywhere in Portland. 

Giant crawfish on a building...

New Portland mixed use building. Nice scale.  

Portland from my Phone: Day 3

On the bus to Dignity Village...a long bus ride from the city.

Tour of Dignity Village by the CEO (Centre).
People often donate services to Dignity Village: an artist comes in to paint murals.
More Dignity Village
More Dignity Village
Eating lunch in Pioneer Square
Pioneer Square
Handsome building in Portland

Portland planning document 
Portland planner talking about infill housing 
Historic photo of Portland
Talking with the Portland's Black community leaders