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Food For Thought: The Next Generation Gap

...While our legal systems are infused with the notion of equity and fairness between contemporaries, we have yet to embrace the notion that justice should be facilitated between members of different generations. One exception has been in environmental law. For example, many of the provinces and the federal government have enacted “sustainable development” legislation, designed to improve environmental decision-making. The statutes define “sustainable development” as meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  How can we expect better, longer-term decision-making processes when our legal frameworks are still largely reactive and short-term focused? One possibility may be to breathe new life into legal norms that have fallen out of favour over time. For example, the fiduciary duty of trustees includes a duty of impartiality, which should require them to balance short-term and long-term considerations. How many today could defen…

Event: Vancouver Public Space Network Ideas Slam

Do you have ideas for public space in Vancouver? The Vancouver Public Space Network wants to hear them:
Mark your calendars! On Feb 29th please join us at our Idea Slam! It's our biggest gathering of volunteers EVER. Join other VPSN member from all our working areas and get together to meet, energize, idea-cize, and plan some projects, activations and other great things.When: Wednesday February 29, 2012 - 6:30-9:00 PMWhere: SFU Woodwards - 149 West Hastings Street Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1H7 I'll be there among some of the other working group coordinators. Be sure to RSVP here.

Video: It's You...Vancouver

A tourism music video for Vancouver. Not crazy about the song but, gosh, it sure is pretty (minus the really cheesy shots of people giving 'cheers' near the end).

Grad School: Update

I'm a little more than a month into my first class of grad school and I'm enjoying it immensely. Every class is more of a guided discussion rather than a lecture (a higher emphasis on 'learning' than an 'education'). It is what most of my under-grad experience at UBC was missing: equality, quality, and interaction. My classmates and colleagues are really great and interesting people and I'm looking forwarding to progressing in the program with them. We've started a blog at Urban Studies.

This semester, I'm taking Patrick (Paddy) Smith's class Comparative Metropolitan Governance. So far, we've compared some cities from across Canada (Toronto...what's the deal!?). We've had a guest call in from Winnipeg to talk about Uni-City; and last class we all went to Victoria to talk to people from the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development about how BC handles regional governance. I've learned a lot about BC's unique crea…

2012 CAPS Conference

The 2012 Canadian Association of Planning Students Conference is in town this weekend but I'm not going. So, if you'd like hangout while you're here or have any questions about Vancouver, drop me a line on twitter @pre_planner or leave a comment. Enjoy your stay!

Event: Debate on Smart Growth comes to Langley

Hey all,

There's a great event coming up in the 'burbs about, well, the future of the 'burbs. In my opinion, conversations like these don't happen very often and they're extremely important in guiding the future of our neighbourhood, city, and our region.

Here's the press release:

South Fraser OnTrax (SFOT) is a non-profit BC Society that has a passion for making great communities even better with the introduction of sustainable transportation options and community design that is made available to all. Visit for more information 
NEWS RELEASE  For Immediate Release  February 1st, 2011  Debate on Smart Growth comes to Langley  LANGLEY, With the Metro Vancouver region set to grow by another 1 million people over the next 20 years and with most of that growth set to occur in the South of Fraser, there has been a call by many academics and urban planners to change the way we build our communities. South Fraser OnTrax advocates for smart growth design pri…