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Vancouver Election: Geography of Politics

On November 19th Vancouver voted and on November 20th, data geeks were having at it. On election night, it was fun just watching the results roll in on the city map, with each division going either red or green. And it was a nail-biter (I don't think I was the only one screaming for last hold-out in the West End to report) that made all the difference for the Green Party's Adriane Carr who beat out COPE's Ellen Woodsworth by 90 votes for the 10th and final Councillor spot. It does go to show you that every vote counts.

At the end of the spectacle, we had a city that was very much green with some significant pockets of red:
But what does it all mean? It's a very simple map: green division are ones in which Robertson received a plurality of votes and the Red ones are which Anton received a plurality. At first glace, the City seems to be divided on a more North-South axis instead the assumed East-West one. However, another map that Frances Bula posted shows a bit more de…

Fun with Graphs 2!

So, I made another sickness/fever induced graph the other night. Also, if you care, turns out I have strep throat (ugh) and I'm on a healthy diet of antibiotics now (yay!). Here, I graphed the number of registered vehicles per person in Langley (Township AND the City), Surrey and Vancouver. Langley was my particular focus because it's where I grew up and it's one of the most auto-dominated places I know. I even once recall hearing that there were actually more cars than people in Langley...not quite but they are close to 1:1.
To be fair, the stats I obtained from Metro Vancouver include commercial vehicles ( and pretty much any vehicle that has active insurance). Maybe Langley has a high number of commercial vehicles...or motorcycles...or it could be that the built environment is highly conducive to the automobile.

Fun with Graphs!

So, I've been sick the entire long weekend and I've had nothing to do but watch 90s cartoons on Netflix. Then, it got even nerdier: I started making graphs. Here's a preview of one that shows the % of change in population and in # of registered vehicles for the North Fraser and South Fraser communities since 1999. If it doesn't make sense, I blame the fever. Hopefully, I'll post something more meaningful later.

Election Season

If you didn't know, Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia is in municipal election mania. Last week, I attended/volunteered at Vancouver Public Space Network's Last Candidate Standing event. It was quite the interesting and overall, Occupy Vancouver ended up being a large focus. In the end, it was 22 year old Lauren Gill who was left standing (you can get the live-blog transcript here). The year previous, a young woman also took the prize. Funny how the audience each time chose a candidate who's the opposite of who normally gets elected. But it gives me hope that young people may have a place in elected office yet. Regardless of whatever politics you preach, it's important for us, the younger generation, to take an active role. Please, don't forget to vote.

Vancouver's Annual Skytrain Party

Holy November!
October was a fairly busy month and it was topped off by the best event I've been to in a long while: Vancouver's Annual Halloween Skytrain Party.

Organized by the Vancouver Public Space Network (a group I volunteer with), it's a wonderful celebration of public space and public transit - but with costumes!

We advertised via Facebook and e-mail for everyone to meet us at Waterfront Station downtown at 7:45PM but kept which train we would be taking a secret (we ended up on the Canada Line). About 10 VPSNers met at the station around 7:30PM to group up and organize the equipment for the music. I went down to the Canada Line platform to scope it out. When I got there, there were 4 transit police officers and 3 Canada Line staff members down there waiting. It seemed at first like our party would be bust.

However, as people started to stream into the station the police and staff didn't seem to try to stop anyone. In fact, while they seemed overwhelmed by the…