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Photo: Granville and Drake

Hipster photo, I know.

Pavement to Parks: Vancouver / San Francisco

***Mind the Gap: Traveling seems to put me off my posting (though, it does give me something to post about). 

Summer is over (if you're in Vancouver, you'd probably agree) and while I felt the weather was a bit of a bust there was great public space things happening in the city. Viva Vancouver was busy and late in the summer they gave Vancouver it's first 'parklet' or 'pop-up cafe' - Parallel Park - on the corner of Main and 14th Ave. 
While this is a huge step for Vancouver re-imagining public space, I'd like to see us do a bit better. While the design is pretty good, the placement and timing was a bit off for me. The park was constructed on a side street, in front of the jjbean coffee house and it basically looked like an extension of jjbean's patio. I'd love to see this type of space in a more high-traffic area with several adjacent establishments. It was also set up relatively late in the summer and overall, I think these factors limited it…