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SFU and City of Surrey Transportation Lecture Program

Last year I had the chance to participate in a great transportation program operated by SFU and the City of Surrey. It's a pretty sweet deal and they're doing it again this year and I highly suggest that you check it out:

Montreal: Part 1

Let me just say that Montreal is just a stunning city. I've been to Montreal before (2004 and 2006) but a lot has changed since the last time I visited. This time around, I stayed in a hotel, not a hostel (all growed up!) on the edge of Montreal's gay village at Rue Ste. Catherine West and Rue Berri. When I got off the express bus from the airport (it had wifi AND A/C - merci!), the street greeted me with a buzz of activity. The park/plaza at Berri-UQAM was done up for summer events:  I was delighted to see that they had also pedestrianized Rue Ste. Catherine between Rue Barri and Rue Papineau:
They decorated the entire length of pedestrianized street with what looked like pink Christmas tree bulbs:
Although, I didn't capture it well in my photos, the street was always covered in people. Up and down Ste. Catherine there were patios and cafes and buskers - something that I'm extremely jealous of (maybe Granville street in the future?).

One of the things that I love about …


Well, that was certainly the longest I've gone without posting. I was away on vacation in Montreal and Toronto from July 7th to the 16th and work became hectic the week prior to that (trying to finish everything before I create a lot of work, I've realized). After I got back it was catch up time. I'm sufficiently caught up with life to do the things I love again.

I'm going to be throwing up some posts about Montreal and Toronto (my love for those two cities are even more affirmed). There's also a ton of neat stuff going on in Vancity. Stay tuned!